It takes Nerves of Steel to run onto a battlefield.
It takes Nerves of Steel to man a hill or secure a country.
But what if your nerves are not up to par or even shot.
That's where we come in.


Stress can affect your body in many ways. If you are in a constant state of adrenaline rush, this puts tremendous stress on your organs and your physical body. We have many different treatments to help you get your body back to a natural state and less stress, not only on your organs but making it work more efficiently - from massage, yoga, acupuncture, wellness products, etc.


When you have a traumatic event happen to you, that events "sticks or stays" in your body. We have several emotional release techniques that will get rid of those events, so you can move on and be more productive.


Is your mind in a constant state of thoughts, rushing, never feeling like you can ever settle your mind down? We have partnered with a meditation center to help you eliminate stress from your nervous system - every time you meditate. It is easy and effortless and time tested. Also proven to help tremendously with those who have PTSD.

Who We Are

  • It takes nerves of steel for a soldier to run onto a battlefield, man a hill, or secure a country. But what if your nerves are not up to par, are shaky or even shot. That’s where we come in. Nerves of Steel is an educational non-profit created in 2018 to give stress relief options (physically, emotionally and mentally) to the U. S. Armed Forces and their families.
  • Nerves of Steel has partnered with a variety of facilitators to offer educational classes and different techniques to manage and eliminate your stress – giving you back your nerves of steel again so you can function - not only as you once were – but on a much higher, more productive level.
  • In the past, most people have relied on stress relief from alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs or even psychological therapy. We offer a variety of alternatives, such as: massage, acupuncture, yoga, emotional therapy and meditation to name a few.
  • According to David Shapiro and Dr. Scott Terry of the Elephant Journal (June 7, 2018), if a person has been in a traumatic event, depression often accompanies PTSD and may be one of its symptoms. Without support, each episode of depression may be a painful, prolonged, and possibly life-threatening time. The standard treatments are psychotherapy and psychopharmacology with extended long-term side effects and devastating on ones health.
  • Complementary medicine may make mental health care more accessible, without risk of severe side effects. It includes such approaches as taking herbs, yoga, as well as effective meditation. Transcendental Meditation (tm) (TM) is easy and effortless and ten scientific studies show that TM produces systematic reduction in depression and even PTSD-related depression. ( section on depression relief). Eighty percent of U.S. veterans with PTSD became free of PTSD symptoms in 30 days according to a January 2018 study by Dr. Robert Herron in Military Medicine.